The universities of UA Ruhr offer a broad variety of cutting-edge research that transcends disciplinary borders and achieves international recognition. The collegial nature within and between disciplines and institutions is one of the true hallmarks of the Ruhr Area. Students, scientists, and scholars who come to the UA Ruhr universities become part of a down-to-earth and close-knit network of research institutes and companies whose impact stretches far beyond the Ruhr Area.

Mercator Research Center Ruhr

The objective pursued by the Mercator Research Center Ruhr is to strengthen the Ruhr Area’s position as an important economic and industrial hub in a sustainable manner by promoting strategic collaboration among all UA Ruhr universities. Researchers from UA Ruhr universities have the option to submit applications for four types of grant funding via their respective Rectorates: SPRINT, KOOPERATION, EXZELLENZ and INNOVATION. The Center was set up by the Mercator Foundation in collaboration with UA Ruhr in March 2010.

With its programs, MERCUR supports the networking strategies of researchers, institutes and faculties across all three universities. The programs thus reflect MERCUR’s conviction that, by bundling its strengths, the research region Ruhr will gain clout in the national and international marketplace which competes for the best ideas and minds.

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