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The mission of UA Ruhr New York is to facilitate and promote innovative transatlantic collaborations in research and education between the UA Ruhr universities and partners in North America. Our liaison office enhances and expands cutting-edge international research and education opportunities for researchers and students and their collaborating partners to assist in extending programs throughout the Ruhr region and in North America, and ultimately help them develop solutions for global challenges.

UA Ruhr New York Team

Gerhard Schembecker
Barbara Schneider
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Prof. Dr. Gerhard Schembecker
President and Treasurer
E-mail: gerhard.schembecker [at]

Gerhard was appointed Professor for Plant and Process Design at the Department of Biochemical and Chemical Engineering at TU Dortmund University in 2005. His research focuses on the  design of (bio)chemical processes with special interest in downstream processes like crystallization and centrifugal partition chromatography and on module-based plant design. Dr. Schembecker received several process innovation awards, has published about 140 peer-reviewed papers and book chapters and is named as inventor on 5 patents. Recently he co-founded the start-up companies inosim consulting, b.experts and b.value AG investing in startups in the field on industrial biotechnology. Dr. Schembecker holds various positions in advisory boards. Among others he is Head of the Scientific Board of DDIC (Drug Delivery Innovation Center), a consortium performing precompetitive research and development on pharmaceutical technologies.

Dr. Barbara Schneider
UA Ruhr NY Coordinator
Email: barbara.schneider [at]

Barbara is the Director of the International Office at TU Dortmund University. Her responsibilities include the coordination of the New York office from the German side. Prior to joining the International Office, Barbara worked in the American Studies Department where she was involved in the orientation program for students from North America. She wrote her dissertation on international education focusing on student exchange between the United States and Germany. For more details, see Barbara's page on the website of the International Office at TU Dortmund University.

Priya S. Nayar
Executive Director
E-mail: priya.nayar[at]

Priya has been leading the New York office since the summer of 2021, supporting and facilitating academic collaborations between the three Ruhr Universities and a steadily growing network of partners in the United States and Canada. Prior to joining UA Ruhr, Priya was the Director of Fresenius University of Applied Sciences where she opened the first New York City based German Study Center and built a robust network of academia-industry stakeholders. Before that, she worked for the North American liaison offices of Freie Universitaet Berlin and Ludwig-Maximilians-Universitaet Munich. For more details, see her LinkedIn profile.


Long Do Hoang
Kira Heetpass Update

Long Do Hoang
Communications Officer & Project Assistant
E-mail: intern[at] / ruhrfellows[at]

Long completed his internship at the New Yorker office of UA Ruhr in March 2021 until he officially started his position as Communications Officer in August 2021. His main responsibilities include the support of the conception and execution of the two Fellowship Programs as well as the online presence of the liason office of UA Ruhr. Prior to joining the team, Long gained first working experience in project management and online marketing at the International Office of University Duisburg Essen where he helped establish multiple successful media outlets like the online blog #heimatdiezweite, IG account and website of the UDE Auslandslots*innen project. He also worked in corporate as a Marketing and Growth consultant. See more details on his LinkedIn profile.

Kira Heetpass
E-mail: intern[at] / kira.heetpass[at]

Kira is the current research intern at the UA Ruhr Liason Office in New York. She will support the Transatlantic Ruhr Fellowship Program 2022 as well as assist in research in the field of international exchange and education. She is very passionate about this topic and hopes that her research will help future exchange students and scholars because Kira herself has spent three years of her life as an exchange student and scholar in the US, most recently teaching German at the University of Iowa for a year. Before joining the team, she has worked at TU Dortmund University in the coordinating office for Applied Linguistics, Literary and Cultural Studies and in the ERASMUS+ program.