Grants and Scholarships

The mission of UA Ruhr is to facilitate and promote innovative transatlantic collaborations in research and education between the UA Ruhr universities and partners in North America. Our liaison office enhances and expands cutting-edge international research and education opportunities for researchers and students and their collaborating partners to assist in extending programs throughout the Ruhr region and in North America, and ultimately help them develop solutions for global challenges.

Resources for Faculty

(from Germany and North America)

The UA Ruhr New York office promotes innovative transatlantic collaboration in research and education among the three UA Ruhr universities and academic partners in North America. We leverage our strengths in science and engineering, social sciences, and the humanities, and create unique opportunities for international academic cooperation.
We assist in extending programs throughout the Ruhr region and in North America, and ultimately help develop solutions for global challenges.
If you would like to plan an event with us, please download our Application for Collaboration and mail the completed form to


  • International Senior Fellowship Programme                                                                                                                                                Through the Senior Fellowship Programme, the College for Social Sciences and Humanities of the Research Alliance Ruhr seeks to promote excellence in research in the fields of social sciences and humanities within the UA Ruhr and foster international cooperation. Up to 20 Senior Fellowships per year are awarded to advanced international scholars in the social sciences and humanities with an internationally recognized, excellent research profile. Visiting scholars have the liberty of pursuing independent research projects which they jointly work on with tandem partners from the UA Ruhr. In spring and fall respectively, ten fellows may start their residencies in Essen. Please find the current Call for Applications here.

  • NRW Rückkehrprogramm
    The NRW Returning Experts Programme (NRW-Rückkehrerprogramm) offers outstanding early career researchers abroad the possibility to qualify for a professorship with a junior research group at a university in North Rhine-Westphalia. More
  • Alexander von Humboldt Foundation
    The Alexander von Humboldt Professorship, which is financed by the Federal Ministry of Education and Research through the International Research Fund for Germany, enables award winners to carry out long-term and ground-breaking research at universities and research institutions in Germany. The award funds, totalling 5 million EUR for academics in experimental disciplines and 3.5 million EUR for researchers in theoretical disciplines, are made available for a period of five years. More
  • DAAD
    Faculty support from the DAAD ranges from funding for conferences to language programs in Germany. Check out the database with opportunities for faculty and researchers. More
  • DFG
    Heisenberg Program – Professorship
    The Heisenberg Program is directed primarily at those researchers who have qualified for professorship via the Emmy Noether Program, DFG staff positions, private-sector research or non-faculty academic positions. The target group also includes junior professors who have received positive evaluations, those who have achieved their habilitation or equivalent, and German researchers returning from abroad, as well as appropriately qualified foreign researchers looking to pursue careers in Germany. More

    Temporary Positions for Principal Investigators
    For applicants who are interested in a temporary position as principal investigator as part of a research grant or in the Research Units and Priority Programs. To learn more about the research grants program, its objectives, eligibility requirements, and what types of funding are available, please refer to the guidelines of the research grants program.
  • Fraunhofer
    The grant »Fraunhofer Attract« offers outstanding external scientists the opportunity to develop their ideas towards an actual application within an optimally equipped Fraunhofer institute operating close to the market. The scientist will be offered a budget of 2.5 Million Euro over 5 years to lead a group of 3-5 co-workers. More
    For more funding and job offers from Fraunhofer, check here.