Research Profile TU Dortmund University

The universities of UA Ruhr offer a broad variety of cutting-edge research that transcends disciplinary borders and achieves international recognition. The collegial nature within and between disciplines and institutions is one of the true hallmarks of the Ruhr Area. Students, scientists, and scholars who come to the UA Ruhr universities become part of a down-to-earth and close-knit network of research institutes and companies whose impact stretches far beyond the Ruhr Area.

Research Profile TU Dortmund University

TU Dortmund_Campus Nord

Founded in 1968, TU Dortmund University is dedicated to a unique cross-weaving of natural sciences and engineering as well as social sciences and cultural studies.

With its focus on interdisciplinary cooperation, the university has created a distinctive profile which fosters progressive research and facilitates innovative teaching.

TU Dortmund University is a leading player in the fields of production engineering, electrical engineering and educational research. Its faculty has received numerous prestigious grants and distinctions.

The Center for Entrepreneurship & Transfer (CET) offers entrepreneurial research and education as well as a comprehensive range of startup services such as infrastructure, consultancy and coaching, support for business plan competitions, and identifying financing options and mentors.

TUDO in numbers

  • 34,616 students (11% international)
  • 2,300 academic staff (incl. professors)
  • 2,107 master’s degrees per year
  • 224 doctoral degrees per year
  • 296 foreign doctoral students and international guest researchers
  • €331.5m budget +incl. €77.4m third-party funding for research projects

Research facilities and partners

  • Center for Synchrotron Radiation (DELTA)
  • Center for Higher Education (zhb)
  • Dortmund Center for Teacher Training and Teaching/Learning Research (DoKoLL)
  • Research Institute for Technology and Disability (FTB)
  • Institute for Gerontology (FfG)
  • German Institute for Civic Arts (DIS)

Research profile

  • Materials, Production Technology and Logistics
  • Chemical Biology, Drug Research and Process Engineering
  • Data Analysis, Modeling and Simulation
  • Education, Schooling and Inclusion

Dortmund Technology Park

  • Largest technology park in Germany (#5 in Europe)
  • around 350 companies
  • 20,000 employees (incl. academic staff)
  • €1.1b turnover
  • Europe’s largest incubator with more than 100.000 sqm incubation space for diverse technologies such as logistics, biomedicine, robotics, IT, micro and nano technology, sensor systems and production technology