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19. 10. 2023

Experts Workshop

October 19-20, 2023

Hosted by the German Center for Research and Innovation (DWIH) New York, the FUTURE FORUM is an interactive platform for innovative leaders in science, industry, and policy. Established in 2019, the FUTURE FORUM is the DWIH’s spotlight conference that promotes the exchange of ideas and perspectives between Germany and the U.S. The DWIH NY organizes each FUTURE FORUM around the DWIH annual topic, which in 2023 was the resilient society. Global crises and their associated effects have a profound impact on social, environmental, and economic systems and infrastructures.

Preparedness and a basic robustness in dealing with crises leads to a focus on resilience as both a process and a property - that is to anticipate and adapt to changing conditions in all areas of society. Ideally, resilience does not mean a return to the original state, but rather a continuous and transformative advancement. The FUTURE FORUM: From Crisis to Resilience asked:  What is the staying power towards building resilient societies?

University Alliance Ruhr together with the German Center for Research and Innovation organized an experts workshop during the FUTURE FORUM.

We were also featured during the Night Labs. To learn more click here.

October 20, 2023: Navigating Displacement - Sharing Knowledge and Strategies for Fostering Resilience

An experts workshop to establish the Transatlantic Working Group for At-Risk Scholars offered a unique and conducive environment for open discussion and the development of concrete strategies. By highlighting attendance to invited stakeholders, such as experts, organizations, and institutions actively engaged in supporting scholars at risk, the workshop ensured a focused and safe space for honest exchange. The sensitive nature of academic freedom and the challenges faced by scholars at risk necessitate a thoughtful approach that fosters trust. Participants were able to freely share their experiences, insights, and concerns without fear of repercussions or external interference. This confidentiality allowed for a deeper exploration of complex issues, enabling stakeholders to address the nuanced dynamics involved in supporting such activities.


12:15 PM: Doors open

12:30 PM: Networking

1 PM – 5:30 PM: Main Stage Presentations

5 PM - 9 PM: Night Lab

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