Helen Final July 2023

Helen König

Intern UA Ruhr
E-mail: intern@uaruhr.de / helen.koenig@tu-dortmund.de

Helen is the current intern at the UA Ruhr Liason Office in New York. She supports the Transatlantic Ruhr Fellowship Program as well as assists the UA Ruhr team with administrative tasks such as press releases, social media content, and other relevant presswork. Helen herself has spent several years abroad, and most recently wrote her master thesis at the Ono Academic College in Tel Aviv. Due to her multiple extended professional and academic stays abroad, she is very passionate about helping other exchange students starting their adventure in a new country. Before joining the team, Helen has worked as a research assistant for public relations at TU Dortmund University. Next to her work, she volunteered three semesters in a project called “Dortmund Doubles”, which aims to support the integration of American exchange students at the TU Dortmund University.